Ray Arya is a freelance motion graphic designer

and photographer currently based in Vienna,

available for remote or on-location work around the world.

Along with that he loves to explore every aspect of creativity

that motion design and other mediums of art may bring.

He is a graduate of the SAE Vienna College with a

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Film and Animation.


This site contains a selection of his work

made while freelancing and working in diverse studios

and locations in Europe, as well as personal projects.

His services include design, animation and photography.

Lately he has been pushing his skills in

architecture, interior design and real estate photography.


With over 10 years of experience in the industry,

he pushes the envelope further and further

to achieve the highest possible quality.


When Ray is not working, he is spending time with his family or friends,

doing crossfit and triathlons, stand up paddling, travelling,

or simply enjoying the beauty of his hometown Vienna.


He is constantly looking for new career opportunities

or freelance work, so feel free to contact him!

Also have a look at my Photobooth Service Website:  www.memobox.at